Tar Gone

Asphalt Remover

Tar Gone is a vigorous, biodegradable solvent concentrate used to penetrate and loosen tar and asphalt from any surface.* Tar Gone was formulated to be sprayed on tack trucks and run through lines to keep the tar soft for easy clean up. It is safe to use before, during or after the job to help maintain soft tar, and it allows surfaces to be cleaned with hot water and high-pressure.

Tar Gone contains other biodegradable ingredients that prevent it from evaporating. In addition to maintaining tack trucks, Tar Gone is excellent for equipment and tool cleaning.


Spray on with pump-up or mechanical sprayer. It can also be run through lines to keep them clean.

*Caution: Will soften and remove most paints if not used as directed. Industrial strength solvent. Biodegradable. Do not dilute with water.

Technical Data

ColorClear orange
Wetting AbilityExcellent
DetergencyNatural oil-based
Cold Stability32°F
Solubility in WaterEmulsifies
Weight per Gallon8.06 lbs/gal
Specific Gravity0.97
Storage Stability1 year