Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 75%

Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer

This Alcohol Antiseptic is a 75% active isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer. This solution is a spray, making it easy to dispense and spread over hands. This solution also contains skin conditioners. This product is not a hand cleaner. This product is specifically designed to be a hand sanitizer.


To sanitize your hands, spray an adequate amount of solution in the palm of your hand. For most, this is a quarter-sized amount. Rub your hands together to spread the solution across your hands. Sanitizing your hands does not replace thorough hand washing with soap and hot water.

Technical Data

Additional Information

NDC Codes:
NDC-76647-001-01 (946 ml 75% isoprop)
NDC-76647-001-02 (3785 ml 75% isoprop)