Hurricane I

Ready-to-Use Cement-Concrete Dissolver and Remover

Hurricane I eliminates tough concrete build-up and prevents rusting of ready mix concrete trucks and equipment. Formulated to chemically soften hardened concrete back to a pliable, wet form, Hurricane I makes stubborn residue easy to rinse away. This is a high-foaming product that eliminates the harsh impact of the brush on painted surfaces, will not encourage flash rusting or long-term damage of metal surfaces and will not damage glass or aluminum. This product comes ready to use. Industrial-strength. Readily biodegradable. Non-regulated by DOT. Contains no hydrochloric, sulfuric or hydrofluoric acids.


Spray or foam Hurricane I onto a dry surface. Let the chemical soak and penetrate the concrete depending on the age of the residue. For more than one-day-old concrete, we recommend a soak of at least 30 minutes. Use a high-pressure washer to pressure off the softened ready mix. Repeat the process daily until the surface is clean. After the dried, hardened concrete has been removed, repeat process every other day of hauling to maintain cleanliness. Hurricane I is designed as a ready-to-use product.

Technical Data

FragranceMildly sweet
Wetting AbilityExcellent
Cold Stability32°F
Solubility in WaterComplete
pH2.5 – 3.5
Weight per Gallon9.87 lbs
Specific Gravity1.18
Storage Stability1 year
BiodegradabilityReadily biodegradable

Additional Information

UN, Not Applicable