High-Sudsing Traditional Oil Hand Soap

Fortified with Glycerin No Dyes or Fragrances Added

ICS’s All-Purpose Hand Soap is a high-sudsing, natural oil soap that removes soot, oil, grease, grime and contaminates, all while leaving your hands smelling fresh.
Use in settings where constant handwashing is a must (e.g. dealerships, schools and bus transportation shops, maintenance shops, trucking and construction, hospitals and more).


Pump hand soap in palm of hand. Rub vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds to work product into a heavy lather. Rinse with warm water and wash away any residue and contaminates.
It is a violation of federal law to use this product in any manner inconsistent with its labelling.

Technical Data

Physical State:Liquid
Viscosity:Under normal temperatures viscosity is adequate.
Appearance:Natural amber
Relative Density:8.60 lbs/gal
Specific Gravity:1.03
Freezing Point:Not established
pH:9.0 – 10.0
Evaporation Rate:Not established
Flash Point:None
Lower Flammability/Explosive Limit:None known
Upper Flammable/Explosive Limit:None known
Auto-Ignition Temperature:None known