Defense Surface Spray

Topical Solution | Do Not Dilute Ready-To-Use 80% Alcohol

Defense Surface Spray contains a high percentage of ethyl alcohol. CAUTION: DO NOT SPRAY THIS PRODUCT OVER YOUR HEAD. Wear proper EYE and HAND protection when spraying this product. This product is designed to spray on surfaces. ATTENTION: DO NOT SPRAY THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR HANDS. This product is designed to be sprayed on surfaces that could be contaminated.


ATTENTION: DO NOT DILUTE THIS PRODUCT. This product is ready to use. Diluting will render product unable to perform. Pour product in a trigger sprayer, or pump-up pressurized sprayer. Spray the solution on surface until surface is wet. Let surfaces air dry. If surfaces are sprayed that you feel must be wiped, let solution stay on surfaces for 1 to 5 minutes. Wipe down with paper towels. Dispose of paper towels in a closed container or plastic garbage bag.

Technical Data

Physical State:Liquid
Viscosity:Not established
Relative Density: 7.4 lbs/gal
Specific Gravity: 0.887
Boiling Point:Not established
Freezing Point:Not established
pH:Not applicable