Big Orange

Heavy-Duty Degreaser and Cleaner Concentrate

Big Orange is a true all-purpose degreaser and cleaner that will clean oil, grease and grime from concrete floors, shop equipment, engine parts and tools. This product does not contain any phosphates. This product is highly concentrated; however, when diluted as directed, Big Orange is safe for the user and the environment. Big Orange has a pleasant orange fragrance and no harsh fumes.


Dilute Big Orange with water at the rate that you need to get your job done. Below you will find a suggested dilution ratio. However, these suggested dilution are intended to give you an idea and starting place to clean and deodorize…

Sealed concrete floors: .1-50 up to 1-100
Concrete slabs: .1-10 up to 1-50
Engines: .1-10 up to 1-20
Shop equipment: .1-15 up to 1-50
Tools and engine parts: .1-20 up to 1-50
Forklifts: .1-5 up to 1-15
Truck and trailer undercarriages: .1-10 up to 1-40
Truck and trailer wheels: .1-5 up to 1-10
Painted dry box trailer panels: .1-10 up to 1-50
Brush washing service trucks: .16 oz to 5 gallon of water
Very extreme cleaning: .1-1 up to 1-4

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in any manner inconsistent with its labelling.

Technical Data

Physical StateLiquid
ColorDark amber
Wetting AbilityExcellent
Cold Stability32°F
Solubility in WaterComplete
pH11.0 – 12.0
Weight per Gallon8.8 lbs
Specific Gravity1.06
Storage Stability1 year
BiodegradabilityReadily biodegradable

Additional Information